November 2016

Bringing Together Designers from Cosmopolitan Cities Around the World Citigems Presents Ready-to-wear Designer Collections

Bringing together designers from cosmopolitan cities around the world, Citigems has unveiled its Ready-To-Wear designer collections featuring designers from France, Poland, Italy and the newest collection by Korean Celebrity Designer, Bjoon Kim, at the launch of its VivoCity Experience Store last week.

Working with internationally renowned designers, each Ready-To-Wear Collection is inspired by unique stories and personal explorations, creating a range of fine designer jewellery that is contemporary and accessible for daily urban wear.

“The new generation of millennials are seeking to express their sense of individuality through their style. Our Ready-To-Wear designer collections offer unique designs with a personal touch from each of our designers. With our brand refresh, Citigems continues to challenge the status quo of fine jewellery shopping, bringing in a wave of freshness by revamping fine jewellery shopping experience and intricately crafted designer collections,“ said Wong Mei Wai, Business Director at Aspial-Lee Hwa Jewellery.

Ready-to-Wear Designer Collections

Citigems is overturning traditional 999 Pure Gold with craftsmanship, innovation and technology. By working with international designers, Citigems redefines the perception of 999 Pure Gold, presenting elegant and sophisticated designs suitable for daily urban wear through its Ready-To-Wear designer collections; Korean Celebrity Designer Collection, Expressions of Love Collection, Le Royale Collection and My Dream Home Collection.

Korean Celebrity Designer Collection by Bjoon Kim, Korea

Crafted by celebrity designer Bjoon Kim, the Korean Celebrity Designer Collection is exclusively made to measure, with the full collection available at the Citigems VivoCity Experience Store from $78. This bespoke jewellery collection includes the hero jewellery design from popular Korean drama, “Cinderella and the Four Knights”, featuring a teardrop shaped necklace and ring. The necklace holds a unique feature for you to place the photo of your loved ones close to your heart.

The Hidden Treasures Collection presents the specially commissioned wedding ring of Descendants of the Sun star, Jin Goo. The ring symbolises a love that will always be true, with a precious diamond hidden within a white gold band.

The Stairway to my Sky Collection feature stackable rings worn and loved by well-known Korean stars such as Girl’s Generation, AOA’s Seolhyun and Han Chae Young. Build your own life journey and celebrate the most precious milestones with these intricately crafted stackable rings.

Expressions of Love Collection by Ewa Olszewska-Borys, Poland

Inspired by the beauty and intimacy of relationships in life, Ewa Olszewska-Borys, a former artist with Hermes, designed the Expressions of Love Collection, bringing together distinct textures, concaves and flatness in perfect harmony. This series symbolises the intimate relationships in life, from dating to growing old together, celebrating life’s significant milestones through its range of Future Gold 999 Pure Gold pendants and bracelets – Our First Love, Coming Together, Love is our Strength and Our Child and Selfless Love.

Le Royale Collection by Mathieu Tournaire, France

Inspired by structured imperial crowns and castles, the Le Royale Collection is created by famous French designer, Mathieu Tournaire. Rejuvenating 999 Pure Gold with its luxurious design and intricate details, the collection features a series of Future Gold 999 Pure Gold rings, each representing a unique adventure in life’s full journey.

My Dream Home Collection by Phillipe Tournaire, France

Inspired by a beautiful dream home, Phillipe Tournaire designed the My Dream Home collection, a range of exquisitely crafted 999 Pure Gold rings. Featuring the Future Gold 999 Pure Gold Castle in the Sky Ring that combines the grandeur architecture of castles, complemented with intricate details within, this design symbolizes grand ambitions of the perfect home. The Future Gold 999 Pure Gold Serenity Ring represents the zen and calm of life, reminding us to enjoy the little details that are often overlooked in our busy lifestyles.

Forevermark Collections

Created by the Forevermark studio in Milan, Italy, the Forevermark design team believes that jewellery encapsulates a specific emotion or marking of a special time in a woman’s life. Aligned with Forevermark’s vision to offer exquisite diamonds that are beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced, each Forevermark diamond carries a promise of its own, making it a powerful symbol of life’s most meaningful promises.

Introducing brand new designs to complement the everyday urban wear, the Forevermark Collections at Citigems exudes effortless elegance that keeps the sophisticated woman right on trend.

The Forevermark Millemoi™ Collection

A title that combines the Italian for thousand, ‘mille’, with the French ‘moi’, meaning ‘me’, The Millemoi™ Collection is a representation of the many different roles every woman plays – Mother, partner, colleague or friend. The Forevermark diamond at the core of each Millemoi™ piece embodies what lies at the heart of this story – a woman’s own special sparkle.