March 2016

GOLDHEART pays tribute to women's accomplishments with new MODE Gold 916 It Bag collection

A woman knows pain, but is resilient. A woman speaks, and listens with her heart too. A woman is perfect, because she is not. Such strength, grace and passion should be honoured. As International Women’s Day approaches, Goldheart is calling upon all women to celebrate their individuality, positivity and strength to overcome challenges by focusing on progression, not perfection, to enrich their lives.

Leading this year’s International Women Day celebration is Goldheart Gold ambassador and award-winning Mediacorp artiste, Rebecca Lim. As a modern woman, the actress knows what it's like to take on life with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Having worked hard for her current achievements, Rebecca identifies with Goldheart’s celebratory message for this International Women’s Day, and hopes to inspire all women to focus on progression, not perfection as the greater joy in life.

Goldheart celebrates International Women’s Day every year with different meaningful initiatives. The 2016 celebration also sees Goldheart launching a new MODE Gold It Bag collection that features four exquisite handbag shaped pendants in the new 916 gold. More than a fashion piece or luxury item, they are a symbol of the 21st century woman’s independence, confidence and passion.

The collection will be available at most Goldheart boutiques island wide from this March 2016.

A woman’s handbag speaks volumes of her personality and power. It is a reward many women allow themselves after an accomplishment. "She's got it in the bag” is a declaration of a woman’s innate ability to get things done. These meaningful insights anchored the design inspiration for the MODE Gold It Bag collection.

Through this collection, Goldheart hopes to further inspire all modern women to celebrate their accomplishments, whether big or small. And as progression is continuous — women should never settle; but strive for achievements that will enrich their lives.

Hailing from Europe and carved out of 916 gold, the new MODE Gold It Bag collection features four intricate pendants in different handbag designs. Presented in four colour variations - champagne gold, rose gold, white gold and brown gold - these precious creations will certainly find a place in a fashionista's heart and ensemble!

A versatile piece, each pendant is the perfect accompaniment for your different moods: opt for the romantic rose gold to enchant minds. Steal attention at a fancy event with the dazzling white gold or pick the brown gold to complete a summery outfit.

Wear the pendant and be empowered in the knowledge that there is nothing you cannot do with positivity and determination.


MODE Gold is a signature collection that represents the new 916 gold and modernity of Goldheart Gold. Sold based on the market prices of gold per gram, MODE Gold jewellery doubles up as investment-worthy pieces that complements the savvy shoppers’ evolving urban lifestyle.

Taking jewellery designs to the next level of refinement and innovation, state-of-the-art technology is used to produce the exquisite and intricate details synonymous with MODE Gold. Its signature modern champagne gold hue steals hearts, and is a departure from the typical bright yellow of 999 gold.