December 2015

GOLDHEART proudly announces MediaCorp artist Rebecca Lim as its first brand ambassador for Goldheart Gold!

Following the successful launch of MODE Gold, Goldheart’s modern 916 gold collection, in 2012, Goldheart now renews its commitment and re-establishes its market leadership to deliver more modern 916 gold jewellery with the launch of Goldheart Gold. The year-long launch includes the unveiling of their first brand ambassador, Rebecca Lim, who will work in tandem with Goldheart to inspire modern women to embrace these contemporary gold designs; the launch of fresh designs for its signature collection, MODE Gold and the opening of a new Goldheart Gold concept store in beginning of 2016.

With an affinity with gold that begin from a young age, and displaying the qualities of the quintessential modern Goldheart woman, Rebecca was a natural choice for Goldheart Gold's first ambassador. Growing up, Rebecca's family instilled in her a love and a time-honored tradition for this precious metal. According to her, she loves its charm and feels strongly that gold is a worthy investment, and with Goldheart's take on 916 gold, these modern MODE Gold jewellery pieces are the best heritage one can pass on to the next generation as it embodies luxury, style and love.

MODE Gold, the first modern 916 gold jewellery collection to be sold based on the market rate of gold prices, was successfully launched in 2012 and is the signature collection of Goldheart Gold. As the new 916 gold, MODE Gold jewellery doubles up as investment worthy pieces and are versatile enough for everyday styling. Each contemporary design allows the modern woman to express the finer nuances of her inimitable sense of style and sophistication. Dedicated to gold aficionados of today, Goldheart Gold exemplifies Goldheart's mantra of appreciating luxury with meaning.

Besides her love and appreciation for gold, Rebecca also possesses the qualities of the modern Goldheart woman: she is sassy, sophisticated and savvy. Despite being identified by Goldheart with such accolades, Rebecca remains grounded and attributes these positive qualities to her mother’s unconditional love and upbringing. As the first time ambassador of a distinguished jewellery brand, Rebecca will be working closely with Goldheart to bring a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to inspire women to appreciate modern gold in new and varied styles.

“Goldheart is committed to offering the new 916 gold jewellery to women of today by dialling up the modern appeal of gold jewellery with our MODE Gold collection. With the launch of Goldheart Gold, we plan to introduce fresh designs for MODE Gold collection and a new Goldheart Gold concept store in beginning of 2016," said Toni Chew, Business Director, Goldheart Jewelry Pte Ltd.

She continues, "With Rebecca fronting Goldheart Gold, we hope to strengthen our emotional connection with modern women and inspire them to embrace modern gold jewellery with a new level of joy and appreciation. We are confident that this partnership will highlight to consumers, Goldheart's capability of modernising gold for a daily ensemble and crafting designs that transcend generations in terms of value, and styles due to its modernity."

"I'm honored to be appointed as the ambassador for Goldheart Gold. An established and well鈥憀oved jewellery brand, Goldheart has taken great strides in bringing forth cutting edge gold jewellery designs. I consider it a privilege to be considered a role model to inspire modern women to appreciate modern gold jewellery on a more intimate and practical level" said Rebecca Lim.  

She adds, "On a personal level, I am truly impressed with the possibilities of MODE Gold. It is indeed the new 916 gold, it is: versatile for styling, valuable as a smart investment and an asset for generations. Gold on its own may seem traditional but a modern design and how it is styled makes the difference - MODE Gold has clearly defined a new standard of desirability for gold jewellery by checking these boxes!”


MODE Gold is a signature collection that represents the new 916 gold and modernity of Goldheart Gold. New MODE Gold collections will be launched continuously to expand Goldheart Gold’s offerings in modern 916 gold jewellery. 

Taking jewellery designs to the next level of refinement and innovation, modern technology is used to produce the elaborate and intricate works of art in MODE Gold. Sold at the market rate of gold prices per gram, this assures savvy shoppers a worthwhile investment that complements their evolving urban lifestyle. MODE Gold designs are also crafted in a signature modern champagne gold hue which distinguishes it from the typically bright yellow of 999 yellow gold, making it more fashionable to style.


Poised to take your breath away, shoppers can look forward to a decadent and bold collection of gold jewellery in unique designs that will be rolled out in phases in 2016.  For now, these nouveau designs, an extension of the current Lattice collection, accentuate the bewitching beauty of yellow gold and convey a sense of sensuality, motion and spontaneity.