August 2014

Goldheart's 40th Anniversary 2014: Celebrating the joy and richness in life!

Goldheart is proud to celebrate 40 years of dazzle and luxury with great meaning this September. With the advent of this key milestone, an emotive campaign "40 Ways Women Celebrate Life" was created based on an intimate understanding of today's modern women to inspire and uplift all women.


The campaign is a reflection of the Goldheart world built for the modern women of today - a world infused with joy, creativity and meaningful interactions. The sense of movement in this vibrant world, cultivated by Goldheart's belief in living life to the fullest, allows the modern women's personality to shine forth and uplifts her spirit.

Bringing this vision alive are 40 sassy interpretations of how women celebrate life using jewellery from Goldheart, accompanied by inspirational quotes and quirky illustrations. From 11 August onwards, these 40 creative visuals will be shared actively on Goldheart's social media platforms where meaningful interactions between modern women and the brand take place.

"We're proud to celebrate 40 years of heritage built on an intimate understanding of a modern woman's psyche. In addition to creating jewellery that celebrates their independence and individuality, we want to infuse their world with joy and meaningful interactions. We will always speak with much passion and optimism to uplift and inspire women of all ages so as to enable them to embrace the joy and richness of life" enthused Ms Iris Tan, Brand Manager of Goldheart Jewelry.

She adds, "The campaign - 40 Ways Women Celebrate Life is the perfect medium to bring this vision alive. While we celebrate 40 years of dazzle, the women we represent and love, celebrate life!"


To mark this jubilee celebration with ardour, a new range of modern designs featuring the majestic Ruby will be available as it is the symbolic gemstone for 40th anniversaries. Considered the most magnificent of all gems, the fiery and captivating ruby is a stone associated with nobility and it encapsulates the abundant joy and richness possessed by strong, sophisticated and sassy women of today. These designs bring together a harmonious melange of red and white jewellery employing Goldheart's intricate and exquisite craftsmanship.