September 2015

Love Shines Brightest like the New Celestial Orion Collection

Inspired by the famed Orion’s Belt, known as one of the brightest constellations seen from Earth, the new Celestial Orion collection captures the magnificence of the night sky illuminated with dazzling stars.

The latest interpretation of the iconic Celestial collection, Celestial Orion features a unique eight-point star motif nestled in a bevy of the 73-faceted Celestial star diamonds on contrasting black gold. Spectacular, smouldering, stylish, the new collection makes an elegant statement for the intense love shared between modern couples.

“As an advocate of love and romance, we find that the beauty of true and eternal love is magnified when the couple’s stars align. It is such a significant event that everyone should experience once in their lifetime ... to last a lifetime. With this in mind, we named the collection after Orion's Belt, where an extraordinary and beautiful phenomenon occurs when the stars are aligned” said Ms Iris Tan, Brand Manager of Goldheart Jewelry Pte Ltd.

She continues, “Crafted with the spectacular Celestial diamonds, which represents eternal love, Celestial Orion is poised to tell the most poetic love story that will make couples’ heart swoon.” The Celestial Orion collection comprises an exquisite selection of engagement rings, eternity rings, wedding bands and pendants.

Celestial is the world’s first 73-facet starburst diamond that possesses superlative brilliance, scintillation and more “fire” than any other diamond. Viewed from the top with a diamond scope, the Celestial diamond reveals a spectacular eight-pointed starburst pattern, a distinctive attribute that creates a more reflective environment for light to pass through. When embedded with the Celestial star diamonds, the Celestial Orion collection of romantic jewellery best symbolises eternal love and an illuminating romance that is glorified by the unyielding luminosity of the brightest star.


The new Celestial Orion collection features a diamond nuevo engagement ring that boasts a Celestial star diamond crowned with a halo of brilliantly cut diamonds along the inlay of the white gold pave. Designed with a chunkier ring shank, the ring wraps around her finger to deliver a statement piece worthy of her stature and character.

Also in the collection is the perfect engagement ring mix of traditional and contemporary. Goldheart melds bold black and elegant white gold in the chunky ring shank, providing the perfect backdrop to showcase the Celestial star diamond in its purest form, speaking volumes of sophisticated opulence, akin to the brightest star in the romantic night sky. The distinctive eight pointed star motif is also tastefully placed at the gallery of the rings, adding a meaningful dimension to these ring designs.


Giving the classic eternity rings a modern twist, Goldheart magnifies the lush brilliance of the Celestial star diamonds with decadent and intricate star studded details. An array of illuminating diamonds flanks all sides of the ring, lending its wearer an eternal sparkle.

Fashioned from black, rose and white gold, the eight pointed star motif is placed prominently in the centre of the eternity rings in black and white gold, giving onlookers a glimpse into the starry depths of love.