April 2015

A sparkling piece of Zen: Lee Hwa Jewellery presents Buddha Diamonds

Lee Hwa Jewellery, Singapore's leading contemporary jeweller, officially launches the innovative Buddha Diamonds in Singapore, adding a tasteful dose of joy and positive energy to its fashion-forward portfolio.

Signifying purity, perfection and eternity, Buddha Diamonds are developed by Munich-based Schreiner Fine Jewellery, utilising the finest quality stones and cut in-house by specialist technicians. Shaped to represent a meditating Buddha, each Buddha Diamond has up to 58 facets and is sculpted from a single rough diamond. This diamond 鈥?which is internationally patented 鈥?takes ten times longer to cut compared to a normal diamond. What results is a dazzling work of art that coruscates with the seven colours of the rainbow.

Taking this a step further, Lee Hwa Jewellery 鈥?as exclusive retail partner for Buddha Diamonds 鈥?commemorates this milestone through a collaboration with master glass craftsmen from Austria, using the unique Diamonds in Glass technique to unveil the one-of-a-kind Buddha Diamond in Glass (below, left).

Complementing the existing Buddha Diamonds collection 鈥?comprising necklace (above, right), bracelet and earrings (above, centre) 鈥?Buddha Diamond in Glass enables an unfettered view of the diamond otherwise impossible with most other types of setting, allowing it to float elegantly within a finely crafted glass ball. Further, the magnifying properties of glass makes the diamond look up to three times its original cartage.

""As Singapore's leading jeweller and purveyor of fine diamonds, Lee Hwa Jewellery is excited to introduce this new, innovative and exciting range of jewellery designs. We are proud to be the exclusive retail partner of Schreiner Fine Jewellery in Singapore, and we hope this brings happiness to our customers. Every single Buddha Diamond is a valuable investment, as we are committed to providing unique, innovative collections of the finest jewellery pieces set to capture the imagination of jewellery afficionados everywhere,"" said Ms. Adeline Chang, Brand Manager for Lee Hwa Jewellery.