May 2015

Lee Hwa Jewellery celebrates a fashionable May with Niessing

With May shaping up as the year's most fashionable month 鈥?with Singapore Fashion Week and the Great Singapore Sale in the line-up 鈥?Lee Hwa Jewellery unveils a range of new, exciting collections from innovative Vreden-based jewellery brand, Niessing.

As purveyors of innovative jewellery design blending creative flair with the signature German penchant for precision, Niessing launches two new collections, Niessing Crystallite and Niessing Air, to tempt shoppers during the Great Singapore Sale. Carefully calibrated, yet chic and stylish, Crystallite and Air embody sheer design simplicity and geometric panache that lends a sense of understated elegance to their wearers.

Inspired by the nature-architecture dichotomy, the Niessing Crystallite collection comprises delicately hand-folded sheets of precious metal 鈥?platinum or gold 鈥?shaped into three-dimensional polygons, scored with extremely fine, laser-engraved lines. Pav茅-set diamonds add an attention-grabbing sparkle to two surfaces, enhancing the collection's je ne sais quoi factor, while adding a whimsical dimension to an almost-mathematical approach to couture.

The Niessing Crystallite collection comprises earrings and pendants, worn with the Niessing Coil. (Crystallite received the Red Dot Award 2015, product design)

The second headliner is the Niessing Air, a simple band of precision-worked metal set curiously in transparent acrylic, creating an avant-garde, ultra-modern conversation starter. Each ring creates a rather ethereal impression as light passes through the transparent acrylic core, making it appear light, airy 鈥?almost weightless. Perfect for a variety of occasions, be it for work, or social pursuits, the Niessing Air is available in platinum or 18K gold in red, green, yellow, grey, and sand.

As part of its commitment to showcasing runway-ready styles, both Niessing Crystallite and Niessing Air will be available in all Lee Hwa Jewellery boutiques islandwide from May 15.