January 2016

Lee Hwa Jewellery Unveils Spectacular Niessing Ring® Highlights Heaven and Highend

Lee Hwa Jewellery has unveiled the latest stunning Niessing Ring® Highlights – two enchanting rings sparkling with the mystical floating Destinée Royale diamonds. Niessing, the German brand with over 140 years of heritage is synonymous with fine craftsmanship, innovation and its minimalist and elegant designs. Using the finest diamonds, Niessing designers and goldsmiths have accentuated and transformed their Heaven ring to create the luxurious Niessing Ring® Heaven Highlights and Niessing Ring® Highend Highlights.

Fine Line of Light

A delicate line of diamonds traces the perfectly balanced, sweeping rosewood gold outline of the Niessing Ring® Heaven Highlights. The single sequence of dazzling diamonds is set exactly in the centre, emphasising the ring's soft form. The fine line of light directs all attention to the mesmerising Destinée Royale solitaire with its 81 precisely aligned and polished facets and 10 flawlessly proportionate hearts and arrows.

Precious Contour

Set in white gold, the tiny sparkling diamonds hold the large floating solitaire in this Niessing Ring® Highend Highlights. The Niessing Ring® Highend Highlights is pave-set with diamonds and is the epitome of the brand's design philosophy. This is the perfect choice for ladies looking to make a statement with sheer elegance and perfection. According to Adeline Chang, Brand Manager of Lee Hwa Jewellery, the Niessing Ring® Highlights is a symbol of the iconic brand's commitment to mastering state-of-the-art technology to create elegant pieces of treasure. "Niessing has always impressed its shoppers through its excellence and commitment to design and innovation. Niessing Ring® Heaven Highlights and Niessing Ring® Highend Highlights have taken this incredible design to a whole new level. The stunning floating Destinée Royale solitaire in both rings has reached new heights with its elegant and immaculate designs."

The new Niessing Ring® Highlights collection is currently available at Lee Hwa Diamond Promenade at ION Orchard.