June 2015

Vanda: A bedazzling tribute to Singapore's Golden Jubilee

Lee Hwa Jewellery, Singapore's leading contemporary jeweller, commemorates Singapore's milestone fiftieth anniversary (SG50) with the unveiling of the limited edition Vanda pendant.

Shaped and named after Singapore's national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim, and as an ode to Singapore's Golden Jubilee, Vanda's design incorporates Lee Hwa Jewellery's signature 19k Purple Gold鈩? accompanied by deft touches of rose and white gold, lovingly shaped into delicate, fan-like petals.

Adding to the allure, several dozen round white diamonds, purple amethysts and pink tourmalines combine to create a dazzling floral counterpoint to the sheen of precious metals, refracting light in a coruscating, pectral dance.

To cap it off, a round solitaire diamond sits majestically on the orchid's lip, creating a shimmering focal point for the discerning eye.

The Vanda pendant hangs proudly from a chain of rose gold, creating a verdant, vibrant fashion statement that is also meaningful and significant.

"Vanda is an agglomeration of a myriad of materials such as white gold, rose gold, and our signature Purple Gold鈩? which, together with the assortment of gemstones, combine to form this symbol of our beloved Singapore, emblematic of its multicultural and multi-racial landscape," said Ms Adeline Chang, Brand Manager for Lee Hwa Jewellery. "And just as Singapore is close to our hearts, we hope that wearers of our Vanda pendant, likewise, wear it close to theirs."