August 2016

Maxi-Cash presents LeGold, an extensive collection of brand new 916/999 gold jewellery, fronted by popular MediaCorp artiste Kate Pang as their first LeGold Ambassador

Maxi-Cash's retail and trading business, Gold n Gems, now offers customers a glittering array of trendy and value-for-money 916/999 gold jewellery under the new LeGold collection, consisting of no less than 20,000 entirely new designs. Bringing a golden aura to this inaugural collection is MediaCorp’s hottest celebrity mum icon Kate Pang who came onboard as the ambassador of LeGold, and she will be part of the leading wave of change to how consumers see pawn brokers in Singapore.

In February 2016, the Registry of Pawnbrokers approved pawnbrokers in Singapore to retail entirely new jewellery, alongside “pre-loved” jewellery which they are known for traditionally. This move had opened up a new playing field for the pawn broking industry, and Maxi-Cash is going the whole nine yards with LeGold.

Setting their sights to change and elevate consumers' perception of a pawnshop and influence the way they purchase jewellery, Maxi-Cash takes eminent strides by introducing a total of $10milllion dollars worth of new jewellery pieces across all 40 stores islandwide, each with at least three dedicated display counters.

"LeGold aims to fill the gap of consumers looking for 916/999 gold jewellery that are stylish and good value for money. From our pre-loved jewellery business, we received increasing consumer demands for more modern designs. Hence we created LeGold to fulfil this need while also keeping our prices competitive in the market. Our database of transactions for preloved jewellery also gave us an invaluable insight into the latest range and preferences, which then empowers us to create new designs that we will introduce through LeGold,'' says Mr Ng Leok Cheng, CEO of Maxi-Cash.

LeGold 916/999 gold designs are on trend, ready-to-wear pieces fashioned after runway trends that are essentially an extension of her stylish wardrobe: LeGold simply takes the guesswork out of complementing gold with virtually any outfits. Unlike most jewellers, LeGold are at accessible prices and for the launch, all workmanship charges for 999 LeGold jewellery is waived, thus making every LeGold purchase a 100% gold investment that will appreciate in value over time.

Maxi-Cash is proud to appoint Kate Pang as the ambassador for LeGold as she reflects the qualities of their target audience. Kate epitomises the modern discerning woman who makes sound choices when purchasing jewellery. She looks for enduring style, variety in expression and exceptional value, and is embracing a new world of styling and investment possibilities with 916/999 gold jewellery.

"I am very honoured to be appointed ambassador of LeGold as I personally love gold jewellery tremendously for its rich colour and investment value. I am truly amazed by the endless trendy designs offered by LeGold, many are feminine, dainty and intricately crafted. It is not hard to tell that LeGold is wholeheartedly committed to the modern lady who desires to complement her outfits with beautiful gold jewellery for various occasions!” enthused Kate Pang.

“As a mother of two with added financial responsibilities, buying LeGold becomes a wise purchase for me because every piece is a 100% investment into 916/999 gold, since craftsmanship charges are waived. What’s more, being able to accessorise daily with my 916/999 jewellery brings me great satisfaction to know that I’m getting so much more out of my hard earned money!”

Maxi-Cash will be progressively launching new LeGold designs.